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Writing From the Inside Out

Explore the stories you have been collecting and creating in your life. Pull them out of you and onto the paper.

There is great Healing in this work as well as dream weaving. Yummy!

Coming Soon!

Photography From the Inside Out.

We all have cameras/phones. Learn to see the world in your own unique way and document the stories that are all around you. This class will deepen your relationship with yourself, your life and your environment.

The Curious Creatrix Podcast is live!

We welcome you to listen to our first five conversations with a vibrant group of creatives! Enjoy!

check out our guests and link to our conversations!

Is it time to

Awaken Your Inner Artist?

We can help! When you sign up for our 4 months of creative prompts:
*You give yourself permission to play again.
*You give yourself permission to enjoy life again.
*You give yourself permission to call in inspiration.
*You give yourself permission to be you.
*You know, the You you are when you are at your most curious.
*The You you are when you are at your happiest.
*The You that is an Artist.
*Time to invite her out to Play!
Wanna Play?

Creatrix Play Dates

Join us every other Wednesday for a free, guided, creative exploration.

  • explore your creative voice
  • tap into your inner muse
  • guided visualizations
  • have fun
  • no experience necessary
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Have you been Dreaming of Creating your very own Oracle Deck?

How is this for perfect timing? I am offering a create your own Oracle deck class that will help you make that desire come to life.. Unlike other classes that have you work alone and probably lose steam and get frustrated, I will be with you every step of the way to help you Create a Deck that makes you proud. Whether you are sharing it with friends, family, clients or aiming to sell to the world, let's make your Dream a reality!

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Creatrix Compass offers Life and Creativity Coaching and Classes for the Creativity timid and the Creativity curious.

We would love for you to come Play with us. Below you will find various ways to do just that. 

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11 Perspective Shifts in 11 Days- new ways of thinking done through creativity

  • broaden your receptivity
  • bolster your creative self
  • expand your inner and outer horizons
  • see the world through new eyes in only 11 days
its free!

Creatrix Coaching

 If we navigate our lives from a deeply rooted alignment with our heart’s desires, then we can get to our destination with the fewest distractions and wrong turns. If we engage all of our senses to alert us to the best possible choices then we will live a fuller richer life. It just takes a willingness, an awareness and a desire to live a life custom made for your great brilliance.

Are you ready to live your best life?
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from a creative life 


Fly Your Freak Flag, please!

Jul 27, 2021

When Life is Puzzling

Aug 01, 2021

Patterns of Our Lives

Aug 15, 2021

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