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Creatrix Compass offers Life and Creativity Coaching and Classes for the Creativity timid and the Creativity curious.

We would love for you to come Play with us. Below you will find various ways to do just that. 

Creatrix Play Dates

Join us every other Wednesday for a free, guided, creative exploration.

  • explore your creative voice
  • tap into your inner muse
  • guided visualizations
  • have fun
  • no experience necessary
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11 Perspective Shifts in 11 Days- new ways of thinking done through creativity

  • broaden your receptivity
  • bolster your creative self
  • expand your inner and outer horizons
  • see the world through new eyes in only 11 days
its free!

Creatrix Coaching

 If we navigate our lives from a deeply rooted alignment with our heart’s desires, then we can get to our destination with the fewest distractions and wrong turns. If we engage all of our senses to alert us to the best possible choices then we will live a fuller richer life. It just takes a willingness, an awareness and a desire to live a life custom made for your great brilliance.

Are you ready to live your best life?
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from a creative life 


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Apr 11, 2021

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