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Andrew Critelli 

Children’s book author/illustrator, teacher and creativity coach.

Andrew Critelli helps children laugh while learning life lessons.

6-8 year olds enjoy reading and following along with the main character’s pursuit of fun, with a bit of coincidental personal development along the way.  School life challenges, mishaps and mess ups mean personal growth, fun and meaningful life experiences that readers experience too.  Kids will relate to the main character as they reflect on their own lives and internalize positive values that lead to more success, happiness and a feeling of well-being.

Andrew is an elementary teacher, creativity coach and has written and illustrated 12 books and counting!

Andrew has spent most of his working life teaching elementary school kids.  While working as a teacher librarian one year his passion for reading and sharing his stories became apparent.  Since then he has been crafting and publishing his own books and sharing them with wider audiences.

At his core is creativity.  Everyone has that creative spark in them and Andrew believes in helping others to foster that spark and to inspire confidence so they can overcome obstacles and achieve more for themselves throughout their lives. 

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