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Ausar Stephens



You can't see me in front of you but I am a young black storyteller, poet, and artist with aspirations of owning my own studios and directing movies across the country and the world.

As a young black artist and born entrepreneur, one of my biggest values in life is the desire to inspire anyone and everyone around me with my words and with my artistic expression. I truly feel that I am the embodiment of inspiration in many facets of my life. In my relationships with family & friends through open conversations I try to gather as many different perspectives as possible & educate with the knowledge that I have gained over the years. I embody inspiration and try to portray this in my artwork especially in the medium of film & writing. Even in my very name and the history behind it connects with inspiration, but more on that later. I understand that inspiration can be very hard to come by so I try to keep an open mind about any type of revelation that can connect to me personally or in my craft. I strive to lead and inspire an entire generation, and many afterwards.

IG: @ausar.png

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