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Maccabee Griffin 

After being medically retired from the Army in 2015, Maccabee's life has been a rollercoaster of a journey down a road most refuse to travel. Before deciding to become a voice actor, Maccabee was just like everyone else; working to survive and take care of his family. And when God decided to use D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) to inspire him to give acting another chance, he's never looked back. This journey has given him the chance to record character voices for a short animated film that continues to earn international awards, narrate a television series that has been requested more episodes even before it's aired, and helped give a voice to small businesses nationwide. This also led him to create his own podcast, Beyond the Pen, to give unknown and newly published authors an international platform to tell people about themselves, their book, and the story behind the story. But most of all it's allowed him to get back to the basics of storytelling by helping authors and creatives a like develop fully fleshed-out characters, backstories, and world events for their fictional worlds.


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