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Maxwell Ivey

Maxwell Ivey, known around the world as The Blind Blogger, has transformed himself from morbidly obese failed carnival owner to respected amusement equipment broker in the best health of his life.

People were impressed and asked him to share more about being a blind entrepreneur.

That lead to a second website and brand as The Blind Blogger.

From there he has written four self-help books, appeared on over 350 podcasts, traveled the country solo, sung & spoken in public, and started his own Podcast called What’s Your Excuse.

He has accomplished many challenging goals by being willing to ask for help and accept help when offered, by deciding to find solutions instead of making excuses, and by being determined to find the positive in all aspects of his life.

He loves to sing and routinely sings on his podcast, when being interviewed, and when giving public talks.

His current passion is the WYE, What’s Your Excuse? Network where he is working to help other people with disabilities to launch podcasts of their own or to help existing hosts grow their audiences.

He believes that it’s easier for him to answer an awkward question than to make you guess.

So, if you have any question at all, please just ask him.


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