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Peter J. Wacks     

Starting at age four, Peter showed advanced aptitudes for chess, the violin, Judo, and was cast in background and minor roles in several movies. For his own enjoyment, he began writing his first short stories.

Peter was never just a writer. He also delighted in role playing games, video games, and collectible card games. He competed in numerous Magic the Gathering tournaments through 1995, always finishing in the top three with his own idiosyncratic deck builds. On Puzzle Pirates, an early massively multiplayer online game, his zanered character drove legendary exploits, including a player driven effort to work with the game staff to redesign part of the game (the Cnossos Restoration Project.)

His recent history includes rebuilding and rebranding Wordfire Press from a small independent press with only seventeen books in print to one of Publisher’s Weekly top 50 science fiction presses globally. He also retooled the marketing strategy for the Writers of the Future Awards anthology in its 31st year, shepherding the series into its first year earning the title national bestseller (Volume 31).

Peter continues to write novels, graphic novels, and short stories, including a recent alternate history fantasy novel release published by Baen: Caller of Lightning.

Right now he is restoring a 1964 Corvette Stingray, working on 5 new novels, producing his first album, and building 2 new games. His primary focus is on the launch of the world’s first player driven hybrid NFT/Physical Trading Card Game.

@peterjwacks everywhere!

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