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Peter Rosch 

Peter Rosch is what happens when a Polish drag-racing varsity bowler and a beautiful, but über paranoid, French Canadian Air Force brat get together on a disco dance floor in glorious Albuquerque, NM. An award-winning writer whose decades in advertising, music, and film introduced him to more than a few bad habits. He hopes it wasn’t for naught. Kirkus called his first novel, My Dead Friend Sarah, "a gripping story" in which "Rosch skillfully renders a unique story of a missing woman."





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"Rosch's prose is bold and brisk, attentive to telling details, high emotions, and violations to both body and spirit... unabashed and unafraid, will please readers who prefer their fiction to break ground and boundaries..."  —BookLife

"...a unique story that takes many unexpected twists and turns. At once a tale of obsession, murder, prediction, and struggle, it neatly fits in no singular genre category, but will reach across them to engage readers of mystery, social issues, suspense, and novels about flawed individuals who find in their faults an unexpectedly powerful ability to survive." —D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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