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Shahla Reynolds 

I combine my early Persian upbringing with my Western knowledge to create a dynamic fusion of sculpture forms. My sculptures emphasize fluid grace with sinuous curves, free flowing and on occasions abstract yet true to form. My stylistic tools include the hues and luminosity of the medium itself, whether it is alabaster, marble, clay, 

These artworks are a direct result of my everyday life experiences, and are the results of my constant search for a new way to remain hopeful among midst of chaos and turmoil. With my bright colors, my objective is to remind the viewer ot rainbows that appear after the rain and the peaceful nature of them. While the subtle curve lines in every sculptures, I tend to bring a sense of calm and thoughtfulness.

Drawing from life and its struggles allows me to present each piece in a new way through shapes or colors, while getting the message across. My ultimate goal is to allow for others to be inspired by what they see and share the journey with others. 

 I have a Masters in Art, and I have been an artist for over 20  years with several major artworks in public places.

I have had the privilege of creating several major public art pieces. My first project was a 29 foot-tall piece titled: “Just Another Day.” Later, I created “Going Home” to memorialize the 14 victims of the I-40 Bridge collapse in Webbers Falls.  My last project was in 2017, when I designed “They Gave The Last Measure Of Devotion” honoring fallen firefighters. 

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Twitter: @sonartadotcom


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