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Tracee Garner 

Tracee Lydia Garner is an international best-selling author of 18 books, as well as a speaker, writing coach, and dynamic course creator. She writes fiction and nonfiction depicting African-Americans triumphing over adversity and meeting success whether that be in love, or life pursuits. Tracee loves public speaking, teaching workshops, and talking about her craft at every opportunity. She is the creator of Garner Solutions, LLC coaching new and aspiring writers through finishing the book and the publishing process, as well as helping people with disabilities reach their independent living goals. Tracee holds a BS in Communications and resides outside the DC metropolitan area with her family. 

Get a book that can help enhance and changes lives for the better. Confront your own limits with grace and by sharing in the stories of others who also continue to make their lives work despite adversity.

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