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Angie Ringler

Angie Ringler is the founder of the environmentally conscious business Tangie LLC, doing business as Her company is a carbon neutral business, using only plant-based ingredients, and is certified cruelty-free with Leaping Bunny certification. 

What makes Angie a unique eco warrior is the fact that she taught herself to discover solutions for her own personal health and skin issues. Through her resourcefulness and investigative spirit, she developed a unique manufacturing process which eliminated plastic bottles needed for liquid household cleaning and body products.  

Her life journey has been insightful, and she has promulgated her belief in reducing single-use plastic by not using any plastic packaging or shipping in her business. In Angie’s first book, Going Plastic Free Room-by-Room: The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Swaps, she tracks her journey of the plastic-free options she’s adopted and implemented in her life, along with all the research she undertook. She brings a realistic approach to reducing plastic in your life by sharing practical tips that will help you develop day-to-day habits to minimize wasteful consumption. Visit to download a free copy of her book. 

To discover more about her and her mindful products, please subscribe to her podcast, The Grateful Redhead, and follow her business on social @WasteFreeProducts. Try her package-free products and get 15% off your order. Use promo code: ANGIE15OFF  

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