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Ashley Castle Barnes

Ashley Castle Barnes is a recovering people-pleaser and rule-follower, multi-passionate creative, and liminal being who has a passion for pushing boundaries and exploring the depths of human experience. Integrating her unique insights as both a corporate leader and Reiki Master/Teacher, she draws on her rich and varied experiences to craft transformational teachings and beautiful eulogies devoted to the power of walking between worlds, inspiring and challenging her clients and readers to step beyond the familiar and embrace the mystery of the unknown.

Dedicated to helping mission-driven women leaders and coaches develop and Energy Leadership practice so they can serve more people and have a lasting impact without depleting themselves, Ashley seeks to empower her clients and readers to live their truest lives, providing them with profound insights and encouragement to wade into the depths of uncertainty and spark valuable transformations.

When she’s not working, Ashley enjoys spending time with her husband and soul mate, Jake and their four children and one granddaughter, as well as a multitude of four-legged friends. Her happy place is by the water, where she feels at home and inspired. To learn more about Ashley, buy one of her books, join a program, or book her to speak, visit her at

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