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Bucky Star Confident Queen of elbow room

Haden Starbuck

 Creatrix and Visionary

For the record, that's me in the painting. Well, it's how I see myself when I close my eyes and imagine the wild, playful, courageous me. Her name is Bucky. The real world me looks more like the photo above of the woman getting loved on by a great pup named Merlin. I've been told that I need lots of pictures of myself so that you can get to know me. I have to ask though, how often do you have the opportunity to see how people think of themselves? So there ya go, we've reached a compromise.

A bit about me in words ... I have been a professional Creatrix for over 2 decades (I'll link to my art work later, but for now Google my name or Mystic Beach Studio). I also use creativity to process my emotions and gain perspective on things that are challenging. It's also GREAT for relaxation and renewal. Ahhhh. Yeah, making art is kinda fun!

Ok so that covered the Creatrix part, what about the Visionary part? Here's the thing, I see creativity as this amazing way to have a deeper relationship with yourself. It's a meditation, it's a conversation, it's a dance. How much richer would the world be if we all tapped into our own unique creative voice and let her genius out to play? That's definitely an environment that I'd be excited to live in.

Wanna play and create with me?

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Meet Merlin

Happiness Advisor

I believe in living to the fullest. Play hard, love hard and sleep hard. For me there is no great secret to living a joyous life, it is simply a choice. I choose exuberance! 

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dog panting
woman smiling

Meet Catherine

Catherine is inspired by good design, great patterns, Art History and travel.  A mom to one pre-teen boy, one Golden Mountain Dog and one tabby cat.  She is excited to be helping Haden behind the scenes.

Meet Mabel the Moondancer

She's our mascot, our cheerleader, our reminder to enjoy life and dance like the moon is watching.

Thanks Mabs!


Meet Mabel's Tribe
simple image of a woman dancing, legs and arms shaped like the moon
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It Takes a Village


I’d like to personally thank the behind the scenes crew who added valuable support along the way.


Cathe and Stanley

Life with Friends

Stanley thank you for loving my boy and exercising him so well. Cathe thank you for all the hours of conversation, feedback and keeping me up to date on the world while our boys play.


Robert Rickard

Rickard Studio

For tech help and probably the biggest job of all, raising me in an environment of curiosity and humor set to the backdrop of nature and critters. I have built a life on these elements. Thanks, Dad.


Paula Gill  

Red Step Studio

Thank you for breathing life into our logo and Mable the dancing moon woman. But most of all thank you for our amazing conversations that inspire and elevate my perspective.


Melissa McCanna

Kingston Artist Tree

Thank you for your guidance, friendship and expanding my creative skillset and education.


 There are many others too numerous to count, but you know who you are. It truly takes a village. Thank you for being mine!

~ Haden