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Is it time to

Awaken Your Inner Artist?

Are you: 
  • feeling blah? 
  • feeling uninspired?
  • feeling dull?
  • feeling like your playfulness is on a long vacation?
We can help! When you sign up for our 4 months of creative prompts:
*You give yourself permission to play again.
*You give yourself permission to enjoy life again.
*You give yourself permission to call in inspiration.
*You give yourself permission to be you.
*You know, the You you are when you are at your most curious.
*The You you are when you are at your happiest.
*The You that is an Artist.
*Time to invite her out to Play!
4 months is more than enough time to start a new habit of making your life fun and magical.
Don't delay ~ carpe diem~ and all that.


How it works

  • you will receive weekly emails with 7 prompts
  • each week contains a variety of solo, public, movement, sound, color, sensory, internal, external, ... let's just say a variety of options
  • the great thing about getting 7 at once is that every day feels different, so line up each prompt with how your day feels or with the activities of the day, pick and choose based on what plays well together, or better yet experiment with contrast!)
oracle deck card with character showing roots growing down from her feet into the ground, message explaining that, when you are grounded, you can reach for the stars

All it takes is 4 months to develop the habit of thinking and acting like an artist.

All of the prompts are easy, quick and travel well.

No excuses.

Bring the wonder and playfulness back into your life.

You will be glad you did!

And so will those around you.

Be the Fun you wish to see in the world!

  • Reconnect with the Curiosity, Wonder and Creative Play that lives at the core of your being.
  • In a mere 4 months You will see, feel, think and act like and Artist.
  • You are an Artist, time to good deeper, time to go sillier.
  • Be the Goofiness the world needs.
  • Shine Your light of Playfulness and see how other light up too.
  • Go into your day expecting Magic and You Will find it.
  • It is Time to Play.
  • It is Time to Create.
  • It is Time to let Your Inner Curious Self Out.


17 weeks (119 days) of Playful Creative prompts

  • open to your inner artist
  • spark your imagination
  • experience renewed joy
  • delight in better relationships (including with yourself!)
  • reconnect with your playful spirit
  • giggle more
  • bask in the lightness of being
  • renew your passion for adventure
  • enjoy creative breakthroughs
bring on the fun!