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Creatrix  Play  Dates!

Join us every other Wednesday for fun free play time.

No experience necessary

artists toolbox depicting paintbrushes, pencils, graphite, erasers

Sign up Here to Play with us 

come as you are!

no special supplies needed

you'll receive a suggested supplies list w/ zoom link before the meetings

join us for Creatrix Play Dates
hand drawn image of a dancing woman with the words  will you play with me?

3:30 pm Pacific

Every other Wednesday

upcoming dates:

August 18

September 1

September 15


  • tapping into your Creatrix
  • letting her out to play
  • laughter
  • guided visualizations
  • exploring your Creative voice
  • expanding your Creative perspective
  • gaining Creative insights
  • having fun
  • taking a pleasure break 
female hand holding well used paintbrushes with watercolor palette in the background
three women sitting in an artist studio, laughing, holding paintbrushes, with watercolor palettes scattered around them on the table.  An easel behind them with watercolors hanging up

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 We love supporting your adventures in Creative Play! To help us keep our free content flowing you can make a donation. Thank you for your support, we appreciate it and you!

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Outdoor Creatrix Play Dates! 

Calling all locals!!

Now that the PNW summer has arrived, let's go OUTSIDE!!

Sign up for romps:

  • on the beaches
  • in the woods
  • walking on the ferry
  • exploring our surroundings at all the magical hours of the day, i.e. twilight, dawn & night


Looking for a group experience?

Have a gathering of people visiting and want a unique way to explore your environment? Let us create custom creative play dates for you. Port Townsend has a rich variety of places to gather and explore. Haden has a vast repertoire of ideas to play with. Let's talk and co-create something memorable for all.
schedule with Haden