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We've focused on Inspiration, Magic, Community and Flow.

We plan on covering Kindness, Courage and Nurture, just to name a few.

an excerpt from our newsletter on Community:


We raise each other up. Reach out to your community to get clarity on something, feel good, or …

  • brainstorm an idea together, make it outrageous just for fun (how to hold a circus in your bathroom perhaps?)
  • seek perspective on something (creative ideas on how to make a life dream come to fruition) 
  • co-create something, anything (what have you been craving lately?)
  • a lot of us are missing travel - share your favorite travel stories and pictures (zoom & google slides are free and easy!)
  • pass around a creative project and have each person add something to it, thereby creating something new (don’t forget that most things can be mailed!)

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you'll find:

  • ideas for Enhancing your Creative life
  • tips on creating more Magic
  • Expanding your perceptions to Expand your Consciousness
  • Creative Play prompts
  • Happiness tips from Merlin
  • eye candy