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Our philosophy

Growth is inevitable, why not take the helm and steer your life to the best port of call for you? We lead you on adventures that help you discover the treasures residing at the core of your being. You will find inspiration, resurrect long-forgotten dreams and create new visions for a future that is custom built to suit you. The best part is that we do it all playfully through creative process. We believe that the deepest lessons are learned when you open yourself up to having the time of your life. Come on a journey with us and let’s explore what we can create together. 
moss covered tree in the woods

If everyone let their creativity run freely through their lives then we would have a very colorful, playful, loving and supportive world. We would meet each other on the vast, yet intimate field of self expression. Hey, throw me the ball!

Creativity is spirit in action. When I am in the flow of work, it is not just me who controls my hands, my actions, my ideas. No, there is something greater flowing through me. Call her Muse, call her Spirit, call her what you will, but she is strong and she is so delightfully fun to play with.

water hitting the rocky shore
babbling brook in a light filled forest

You will find that your life will have greater depth if you surrender to the creative muse who has been calling you. Remember how, as a child, you couldn’t help dancing to music? Remember how you explored your ability to make sound? Remember how you walked through your world in awe at all you saw? You were in tune. You can be again. You just have to open to it. It wants you to come play. It always has. Can you hear it calling your name?

Many artists are very conscious of how their work fills a place in the world that desperately needs addressing. We speak to the issues of the day, the issues of the people. We show up and we hold up mirrors. Look at the art around you. What do you see? You are seeing us. You are seeing our world in living color.

reflection of boat in water
delicate white flowers with green centers and yellow

I am here to guide you as you start a conversation with your creative self. I am here to help you move that conversation to a dance. Then to support you as you transform the dance into deep love. I am here to witness you as you connect the deep love to a fulfilling and inspired life. 



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