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Silke Harvey

Silke Harvey is the founder of the Inner Hippie Club and Inner Hippie Books, a Reiki Master, Reiki Drum practitioner, Chakra Dancing facilitator and HAO Animal Healing graduate.

She uses her energy healing skills to help women release their Inner Hippie, that carefree teenage feeling before life got serious, and her translating and editing skills and passion for books to publish powerful stories of inspiring women.

In the past, she toured all over the UK and Europe as a bass player in various Rock’n’Roll bands, ran an indie record label and developed a successful career in financial translation, working for one of the Big Four, then freelancing it.

Silke lives in the UK with her husband and beloved rescue dog. She splits her time between her cozy home, near the coast, and her beautiful country cottage in Bulgaria, where she is planning to run retreats.

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