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Have you ever been Curious about:

  • What makes a Creative tick?
  • What inspires them?
  • What keeps them showing up through the good times and the bad?
  • How they became the Creative they are today?
  • What they dream of for the future?
  • If you are one?

You have come to the right place because The Curious Creatrix Podcast is about all of that and more! Listen in as Creatives chat about all things Creative.

**You will leave inspired to add more Creativity to your life!**

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Claude Larson

fiber, acrylic and mixed media artist

talks about:

  • investing in supplies you are worthy of having
  • exploring the boundaries of a medium
  • the power of sustained observation
see Claude's work and listen to our conversation here

Vance Neudorf

Writer and thespian

talks about:

  • always looking forward
  • the heart of creativity
  • turning his books into a podcast
read about Vance and listen to our conversation here

Kim McElroy

pastel artist and writer

talks about:

  • Spirit of Horse
  • work as mission and purpose
  • being a work in progress as an artist and a person
see Kim"s work and listen to our conversation here

Tammy Euliano

Writer and Professor of Anesthesiology and Obstetrics & Gynecology

talks about:

  • making time for what you love
  • birth of a book series
  • how her work weaves into her life
read about Tammy and listen to our conversation here

Ethan Brown

Creator of The Sweaty Penguin

talks about:

  • asking for help
  • when a storyteller wants to make a difference
  • the creativity of leadership
read about Ethan and listen to our conversation here

Carmen Davailus

photography and mixed media artist

talks about:

  • storytelling
  • following strong feelings
  • dogs and dementia
read about Carmen here

Andrew Wang

9 year old public speaker

talks about:

  • never giving up
  • the ripple effects of influence
  • the F in failure
read about Andrew here

Paul Yeager

scientist, author, and IT specialist

talks about:

  • critical thinking
  • developing thick skin and confidence
  • the significance of calm
read about Paul here

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Jennifer Peavey


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Fiona Denmark

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Virginia Jones

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Ashley Castle Barnes


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Drasko Raicevic

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Noah Healy

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Amanda Karch

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Michaell Magrutsche

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Michelle Cox

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JV Hilliard

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Jeremy Janus

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Dr. Sweets Wilson-Williams 

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Ben Winter

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Scott Ohlgren 

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Angie Ringler

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