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Get a behind the scenes look into the lives, minds and hearts of Creatives.


Have you ever been Curious about:

  • What makes a Creative tick?
  • What inspires them?
  • What keeps them showing up through the good times and the bad?
  • How they became the Creative they are today?
  • What they dream of for the future?
  • If you are one?

You have come to the right place because The Curious Creatrix Podcast is about all of that and more! Listen in as Creatives chat about all things Creative.

**You will leave inspired to add more Creativity to your life!**

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"Haden was a refreshing and intimate conversationist and collaborator. It was wonderful to discuss the intersections of our disciplines and how many artistic mediums inform the process and seed of creation. What we creatives do is a nuanced and personal process. I could tell that Haden leads with curiosity and kindness, which is rare and never fails to lead to authenticity." 

Jayshree Patel

"Haden was so supportive and explained the process of what to expect. She made me feel comfortable before we started.  She is warm and easy to talk with.  It was like having a fireside chat with a friend.  When things didn't quite go to plan (like hubby coming unexpectedly home early during the middle of our recording!) she simply laughed it off and told me she would edit out the parts where I got thrown off course.  Overall, this was a great first experience for me and I have gained confidence to try this again with other podcast hosts in the future."


Katie Barbaro

“I absolutely loved talking with Haden and navigating the delicate nuances of creativity together. Haden can hold both the depth and lightness of the creative process and intuitively guides the conversation in a beautiful way that feels both safe and expansive. I highly recommend this podcast experience to anyone—especially first-time podcast guests!”


Pamm Hanson

Painter and psychotherapist talks about:

  • choosing art after 50
  • the necessity of community
  • art metabolizing grief


Read about Pamm and listen to our conversation here

Frank Forencich

movement teacher, author and speaker talks about:

  • the importance of Artists
  • creativity in the human experience 
  • our brains are wired for creativity 


Listen to and read about Frank here

Rebecca Hass

Creative Wellness Coach, pianist and composer talks about:

  • the benefits of taking a break
  • self soothing to regulate our nervous systems
  • not being attached to outcome and the necessity of showing up
Read about Rebecca and listen to our conversation here

Benjamin Warsinske

certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitator talks about:

  • how Lego play mimics the real world
  • why Play Matters
  • you can think faster with your hands


Read about Benjamin and listen to our conversation here

Sita Gaia

Social Artist and Queer chronic illness warrior talks about:

  • how to access creative outlets
  • the importance of getting your work out
  • writing about her unique life experiences
Read about Sita and listen to our conversation here

Marieke Lexmond

author talks about:

  • writing the Madigan Chronicles
  • living with your characters
  • collaborating with a lifelong friend
click here to read about and listen to Marieke

Wajid Hassan

Energy worker and author talks about:

  • the power of our imaginations
  • opening to inspiration
  • energy, creativity and our interconnectedness
click here to read about Wajid and listen to our conversation

Donald Mirra

Storyteller, traveler, photographer and podcaster talks about:

  • finding the hidden truth in a story
  • traveling to expand your reality
  • how challenges fuel personal growth
click here to read about Donald, hear his episode and see his photos


performer, creator, photographer talks about:

  • making his film Mixed Up
  • art as advocacy
  • being a mixed media artist
read about and listen to HAUI here

Jayshree L. Patel

Author talks about:

  •  writing and publishing her first book
  • connection to your environment
  • getting out of your own way to release flow
Click here to listen to and read about Jayshree

Bara Mann

Big kid and mindfulness facilitator talks about:

  • opening to her creativity
  • creating a mindfulness practice
  • the power of honoring your creative side
click here to read about Bara and listen to our conversation

KarenLee Eaton

Photographer and dweller at Spindly Forest talks about:

  • night sky photography
  • the critters behind and in front of the lens
  • connection to place
click here to read about KarenLee and listen to our conversation

Nadya Siapin

Writer, traveler, semi-professional smart ass talks about:

  • the importance of reading for writers
  • waiting for inspiration to strike vs a daily creative practice
  • noticing the stories all around us
click here to read more about Nadya and listen to our conversation

Julie Foucht

founder of Art of Feminine Marketing talks about:

  • allowing space for the unexpected
  • the feminine aspects of creativity
  • business owners finding their voice
click here to read more about Julie and to listen to our conversation

Todd DuBay

Quilter, photographer and so much more talks about:

  • returning to his creative passion after a dry spell
  • the magic of combining quilt making with time lapse photography
  • the importance of community
click here to read more about Todd and to link to our conversation

Brent Scarpo

Being interviewed by  Haden on her phenomenal podcast is like having a warm cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows sitting next to a warm cozy fire.

Wajid Hassan

I throughly enjoyed being a guest on Haden’s podcast recently. It’s important these days to stay connected with your creative spiritual side by linking with like minded artists. Haden Starbuck has the ability to give you permission to express what your soul is trying to tell the world in a myriad of artistic and colorful ways without imposing any limits on your infinite imagination

Becca Ribbing

Being on Haden's show was a delight. She's such a skilled interviewer and immediately puts her guests at ease with her humor and her curiosity. I really loved our conversation—it was like talking to an old friend that I didn't know I had.

Nikki Erbeck

Story teller, observer, dancer and educator talks about:

  • lessons learned from being an early childhood educator
  • the importance of music and movement
  • slowing down and allowing things to come in their own time
click here to read more about Nikki and link to our conversation

Silke Harvey

Founder of the Inner Hippie Club talks about:

  • how to release your Inner Hippie
  • stories and their importance
  •  the benefits of a restful mind
click here to read more about Silke and link to our conversation

Sharon Huntley Land

Photorealistic painter talks about:

  • not letting fear stop you 
  • the journey of being a photorealistic painter
  • the stories behind her body art
click here to read more about Sharon and to link to our conversation

Dan Squire

Photographer and facilitator talks about:

  • following his dream
  • adventures building a cabin off the grid
  • believing in yourself 
click here to read more about Dan and to link to our conversation

Katy Morse

Healing arts therapist and painter talks about:

  • how painting helps her trust her intuition
  • what it means to explore your sacred witness
  • letting the Muse out to play
click here to read more about Katy and to link to our conversation

Brody Walsh

Founder of Brainmind Clothing Co talks about:

  • the joys of problem solving
  • the power of doodling
  • the keys to creativity
click here to read more about Brody and to link to our conversation

Mari Reisberg

Therapist, performer and creativity coach talks about:

  • how her creative childhood gave her a strong sense of self
  • at which intersection to find magic
  • the power of failure 
click here to read more about Mari & to link to our conversation

Welcome to Creatrix Compass!

Haden Starbuck

Creatrix, visionary and creativity coach talks about:

  • her creative vision for the world
  • why she created a podcast talking to creatives
  • how creative You are


click here to read more about the podcast and to link to our introduction

Todd DuBay

I had so much fun with this, Haden!!!  Thank you SO MUCH for including me in on this new adventure with you!  I look forward to seeing what happens next!

Marieke Lexmond

"I had such a lovely chat with Haden. She creates a friendly space that makes her so easy to talk to. Up beat and engaging. We had good conversation and a laugh. Thank you for having me on the show!"

Donald Mirra

Its a great conversation and I was honored to have your attention and allow me to monolog at length on travel and creative process.

Roxy Eloise

Author talks about:

  • writing a page turner that you want to read
  • the book that changed her life
  •  how writing brings back her childhood
Read about Roxy here

Alex McGinness

Designer and Artist talks about:

  • intuitive downloads
  • sacred pause
  • trusting the ideas that come
Read about Alex here

Jan Gillanders

Spinner and Knitter talks about:

  • her herd of Jacob sheep 
  • dance of the seasons on the farm
  • her work is the song of her soul
Read about Jan here

Terry McDougall

Executive & Career Coach talks about:

  • envisioning your life
  • inner wisdom
  • falling and facing forward 


Read about Terry here

2021 year in review ~ Haden Starbuck

Creatrix, coach and podcaster talks about:

  • day in the life
  • navigating uncertainty
  • the Magic of Merlin


See pictures of 2021 here

Steven Jenkins

Haden - I really enjoyed being on your show.  You asked great questions.  Very natural conversation - I wouldn't change a thing! 

Frank Forencich

"I was a guest on The Curious Creatrix Podcast and found the experience to be fun and relaxing. Haden had an easy way about her. Her questions were solid and open-ended, giving me lots of room to well, be creative!"

Sita Gaia

I loved being on your pod! My feedback is that you let me settle in a bit so we could discuss ahead of time what we wanted to talk about. You should keep that! Keep doing what you're doing.

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